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  • I lost all my precious photos on my iphone and looked around for a data retrieval company to recover them. I found one that didnt charge a diagnostics fee, and who were confident they could recover my photos. They had my phone for 10 days, and I had to chase them each time for an update. They couldn't recover the photos so I asked for my phone back. I then found R3, who had my phone for only 2 days when they recovered all the photos in the most professional and efficient way - and got them to me with no trouble at all. I highly recommend them - don't go to the cheapest company who promise the world - if you need anything recovered - I recommend R3!

    Excellent service. Both friendly and professional. Immediately put my mind at ease and then recovered my data within a week.

    R3 Data Recovery Ltd did an amazing job recovering our data. The data that had to be recovered was from the Suaienadh experiment (https://www. Facebook. Com/Suaineadh) which went into space on a sounding rocket from Northern Sweden in March 2012 but got lost during re-entry. 18 month later, the experiment was found by hunters above the arctic circle. During the 18 month, the experiment had to withstand snow, rain and temperatures down to -30C. After the recovery, it was important for us that the data on the CompactFlash memory card is handled with care so we send it to R3 Data Recovery Ltd. The support of the team was outstanding and within a day we already got the file list and the whole image on a DVD was send to us via mail within 3 days. We were able to recover all the recorded data. Thank you very much R3 Data Recovery Ltd to be our supporter and for the great job you did bringing our experiment to a successful end.

Restoring failed computers, hard drives, servers, NAS and SAN to fully operational

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Emergency dedicated couriers available for emergencies or business critical / data protection policies. Nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We have a single purpose at Birmingham data recovery, to ensure that when you leave, you leave satisfied, knowing your data had been fully and completely recovered.

In today's high tech world, data is the tie that binds us, without data almost every business would cease to exist, certainly cease to conduct business in a satisfactory manner. Every moment of every day, data circles the globe, from a simple IM, to complex and proprietary business documents. When the flow is interrupted, known as data loss or corrupted data, a beautiful day can turn instantly to a frightening nightmare.

Here at Birmingham Data Recovery, we understand this feeling and have dedicated our technical lives to recovering your data. If you've experienced lost data, or even feel your device (hard drive, smart card, usb, ssd, external or raid) may not be performing optimally, give us a call (toll free) or fill out our convenient form and let us prove we're the best data recovery company that Birmingham has to offer.

Of course we can't know who is reading this, you may be an admin in charge of a vast network, or a home user concerned that you've may have lost treasured family photos. The data is yours; the task of recovering that data is our specialization and we take that task very seriously. If your data can be recovered (and in most cases it can), we can do the job, do it right and do it in a cost effective manner.

While it is our hope you never need our services, statistically speaking, hard drives fail consistently, when that happens you're left with few choices.

  1. Give up and get a new PC (not the best choice obviously).
  2. Try to recover the data yourself (unless you have the tools and expertise, this could prove even more harmful).
  3. Seek the services of an experienced team, like Birmingham Data Recovery, whose techs have years of experience in data recovery, use cutting edge data recovery software, and (perhaps most important) perform your recovery in ISO certified clean rooms.

FACT: Statically speaking, the failure rate of hard drives is as follows. During the first 1.5 years, the failure rate is 5.1%. The numbers drop during the next 1.5 years to 1.4%. However after this point in time, statistically the failure rate soars to 11.8%.

Professional Data Recovery Service - Taking The Extra Steps to Ensure Your Satisfaction

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If you've landed on this page, you (or someone you know) may have fallen victim to the above statistics. If so, we'd like to help, and we'd like to do so without out any initial cost or obligation. Simply call us toll free or fill out our contact form and we're more than happy to discuss your data recovery issues.

Birmingham Data Recovery is a specialized company, a company focused on one task, data recovery, no matter the media, no matter the problem, no matter the deadline.

  • We collectively have over 30 years of experience and every ounce of that experience will be directed to solving your issue.
  • We hold our tech team to high standards (and their happy to work at that level) performing recovery operations in ISO certified clean rooms, utilizing proven techniques, but adapting as technology changes. With 24hr on-site security, we are leaders not only in data recovery, but also the security of your project.
  • We also understand this may be an extremely stressful time and we're sensitive, not only to our tech, but also to customer service. You'll find a friendly and courteous rep happy to answer any question, just pick up the phone and call us anytime from 7am to midnight toll free.
  • Our pricing and plans cater to everyone from the largest network administrator, to the single PC user, experiencing their first computer trauma. It doesn't matter the size of your drive or number of employees, each customer and every job is treated with courtesy and professionalism.

Emergency Data Recovery

Data loss or corruption is never easy, but in some cases it may be an emergency (the day before a board meeting, the latest fiscal report, a critical manuscript, a wedding or anniversary photo album) and if that day comes, we'll respond accordingly pulling out all the stops, doing everything in our power to recover your data and have you back online within 24hours.

If time isn't quite as crucial, we also have budget plans which, while they may take a bit longer, still receive the same degree of professionalism and attention.

Devices We Recover

Technology is an ever changing and evolving machine and with that thought our techs have experience with.

  • Hard Drives (internal and external)
  • RAID SAN and NAS Drive Recovery
  • Servers and Arrays
  • Memory Sticks and USB Drives
  • Solid State Drives - SSD
  • File and Database Recovery
  • Tape Backups

We cover the gambit and if you're in or near Birmingham, take a moment to let us prove that we care, about your data, about you, about making certain you leave a satisfied customer. Call us on our local Birmingham support number 0121 401 1282 or fill out our contact form, let us help, that's why we're here.

Desiring to be a customer driven data recovery company, we have plans for any situation or budget.

  1. Emergency - 12 to 72 hour turnaround (on site repair is available)
  2. Priority - 4 to 6 working days
  3. Budget - 7 to 10 working days

Processing time is from arrival at our lab subject to donor parts availability where needed.

All services have free weekday standard courier collection and return but we also offer dedicated driver collection and or return anywhere in the UK - Ask for a price.

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Lost data? Don't panic. We can help! Call our expert for a no cost, no obligation consultation 0121 401 1282